Behind The Scenes- Making of Martini Chair

The idea to build a chair made of aluminium started in June 2016. I was reading a book about Zeppelins that I received as a present from a good friend. Influenced by the airships characteristic shape the idea began to rise to design a seat shell that uses the look of the remarkable folded surface. So one day in fall 2016 I walked into Wendelin Müllers office at Müller Möbelfabrikation in Augsburg asking him how he would make a shell like I presented him by showing a tiny paper model. He answered that it would be a tricky construction and offered to try it out with the achievement to present the chair at the furniture fair in cologne as a part of their new fair stand. So the deal was done and we could start to work on the details. We would spend hours and days in the workshop to create 1:1 models testing the shells comfort by building a construction that could easily change angels and heights. Beside all parameters went straight to the computer developing analog and digital hand in hand. When Müller came up with the first prototype we where really exited how the aluminium shell would feel like and as a surprise the material was much more flexible and comfortable than we expected. When the chair was first presented on Imm Cololgne 2018 we were very surprised by the wonderful feedback from the audience. Back in the workshop the chair in its “second” round of series development. There will be slight changes on the pedestal and the upholstery. Martini will be purchaseable in summer 2018 for about 1.8k€ at Müller Möbelfabriktion. We are really proud to be part of their first chair project and it shure wont be the last one 😉

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