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hejkid aims for a world where kids realize their style along all colours of the rainbow – free of gender clichés. The EINS is the wristwatch for kids that supports them in their individual development. With its clear design in subtle colors and the watch case made out of bio plastic with a characteristic surface, the child-friendly wristwatch goes with every look. The first version of the EINS got a circle, a triangle and a square as colored graphic applications on the dial. Not without a touch of irony, the watch thus consciously refers visually to the Bauhaus and makes a clear statement with its play of shapes and colors:Reduction to the essentials for kids. Sustainable design, made in Germany.

Project / EINS / kid’s watch

Manufacturer / hejkid GmbH

What we did / product / graphic / brand / design

Photocredit / Timon Beutel

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